Empowering You to Represent Yourself

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There Are Better Ways

If you believe me that there are better ways to plan your estate than simply with a will, the obvious question is, ok, so what are they? Glad you asked!! The first thing you have to do is to lose the mindset that there is any one “perfect” or “one

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Kinds of Foreclosure Scams

Now that we’ve warned you a bit about mortgage foreclosure scams in general, let’s talk about some specific scams to be on the lookout for.

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Mortgage Foreclosure Scams

There have been hundreds, no, probably thousands of articles written about the mortgage foreclosure crisis. Sadly though, not nearly enough has been written about the

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More on Debt Collection

One of the most overlooked provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and related state laws is that a debt collector cannot misrepresent what

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Beware of Collection Scams

Sometimes we post things that have nothing to do with representing yourself, but are we hope, valuable little bits of knowledge. This is one of

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