Empowering You to Represent Yourself

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More Rules

By: Robert Murdoch In the last post we discussed where to find the rules and pointed out that while the language of a particular rule might appear simple and straightforward, that might not always be the case. If there is one thing that you must understand in representing yourself is

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Beware of Collection Scams

Sometimes we post things that have nothing to do with representing yourself, but are we hope, valuable little bits of knowledge. This is one of

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Personal Jurisdiction

Time to explore this concept of “jurisdiction” of state courts a little more. First, it will help to understand where it comes from. All states,

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As technology in general and the internet in general progress, one of the areas of the law that is becoming more and more important, especially

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One of the reasons people may elect to represent themselves is the high cost of lawyers. Being advised in the middle of the “free initial

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More Planning

The last thing we discussed was the importance of planning. Of exploring options and doing enough research to know what those options were. Let’s look

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