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How Can I find a Form to…….?

How often have you seen a post that starts like this on some social media forum? People trying to find a some kind of fill in the blank form to accomplish something in a case they are involved in. The answer is “You can’t!” One of the most common misconceptions

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More Planning

The last thing we discussed was the importance of planning. Of exploring options and doing enough research to know what those options were. Let’s look

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Plan, Plan, Plan!

In the last few posts we talked about options available to both plaintiff and defendant in terms of kinds of courts and locations. Now it’s

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Move Things Around

In the last post we talked about as a defendant moving a lawsuit from one kind of court to another.  Today, we’ll assume that we’re

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Where to Begin

Ok you’ve put all the questions together in a big bowl, stirred vigorously and have decided that you need to proceed with a lawsuit. Congratulations.

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