Slide BE YOUR OWN LAWYER Presents Trying to get rid of your timeshare? CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE Tired of Scams and Gimmicks? You Can Get Your Timeshare Cancelled Slide LEARN HOW TO CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE with the timeshare cancellation course

What it Is

The Timeshare Cancelation Course  is a set of videos, ebooks and templates that together give you all the resources and information that you need to file a lawsuit, pro se, against your timeshare company. The package includes everything that you will need to understand, prepare, file and serve a lawsuit.

With this package your timeshare company WILL take you seriously and  will agree to cancel your timeshare contract.

How it Works

It works by you bringing a lawsuit against your timeshare company, in which you represent yourself. The mere filing of the lawsuit forces the timeshare company to choose between canceling your timeshare or spending thousands of dollars on your lawsuit. They will agree to cancel your contract simply because it is much much cheaper and less risky than trying to fight your lawsuit.

It really is that simple!

While it sounds too easy to be true, its not. Scroll down to learn more.

Why it Works

Why does our technique work when there are so many other things being tossed around?

It’s easy! It is the only thing that forces the timeshare company to act. They can (and do) ignore the “huff and puff” lawyer letters. They can (and do)  ignore your requests to cancel. They CANNOT ignore a lawsuit. They must answer or lose by default. That means spending a lot of money very quickly, that they can avoid spending just be canceling your contract.

Please scroll down to learn more about how you really can get your timeshare canceled.

Here are a couple of ways to learn more about our course:

Watch the Video

Get the Free Ebook

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When You Purchase the Timeshare Release Course, you get:

Our Video - Planning Your Lawsuit

Our Ebook - Planning Your Lawsuit

Once you’ve decided to get you timeshare canceled using the Be Your Own Lawyer tactics, long before you run down to the courthouse, you have to plan your lawsuit.  Because this is so important, we’ve provided both a video and an e-book that together will teach you how to properly plan your lawsuit.

Our Video - Jurisdiction

Our Ebook - Jurisdiction

Timeshare companies are spread all over the place, and they advertise and proote just about everywhere. In this video and ebook we teach you a little about jurisdiction of courts and show you how to analyze and assess the best place to bring your lawsuit.

Our Ebook - Causes of Action

Hand in hand with planningyour lawsuit and deciding where to file it, you must decide of what causes of action you willl include. Will you sue them for fraud? For breach of contract? For something else? In this ebbok we walk you through various causes of action available in suits against tiemshare companies and help you choose which will be best for you.

Our Video - Drafting the Complaint

Our Ebook - Drafting the Complaint

Just as with planning, it’s important that you prepare your complaint correctly. That’s why you get a video and an e-book that will take you step by step through the process.

A Sample Complaint

To give you even more help when it comes to drafting your complaint, we give you a sample complaint. It shows how to put together a lawsuit. If you like, you can even use tt as a template…. just change as appropriate to suit your case.