Empowering You to Represent Yourself

Be Your Own Lawyer Gives You Direct One on One Help

Unlike websites that provide fill in the blank legal forms, or provide one size fits all generic answers,  Be Your Own Lawyer actually works with you directly on every aspect of your case. While we cannot represent you, or appear in court on your behalf, we provide the next best thing.

How it Works:

From the time you submit  a case for assessment to the time you end our services you deal with only one attorney. 

The attorney working with you will make recommendations and suggestions to you and will be available to answer your questions.

You and ONLY you will decide what work is to be done, and you, and ONLY you will make all decisions concerning how your case is handled.

Here are some of the things Be Your Own Lawyer can do for you:


  • We perform and help you with legal research.
    • We provide you with case law that pertains to your case.
    • We give you the statutes and rules that apply to your case.
  • We help you with all of your legal papers.
    • We help you draft papers.
    • We explain legal papers that you receive, and how to respond to them.
    • We help you prepare and respond to motions.
  • We help you with discovery in your case.
    • We help you prepare things like interrogatories, requests for production, etc. to send to the other side.
    • We help you respond to discovery from the other side, showing you the best way to answer questions, and when to object to things. 
    • We help you prepare to take or give a deposition..
  • If your case goes to trial, we help you prepare.
    • We show you how to get evidence into the record.
    • We help you prepare to ask witnesses questions.
    • We show you the rules of evidence so you will know when and how to make objections.

In short, we help you with every aspect, at every stage of your case.

What it Costs:

In a perfectly fair world, where everyone should be able to represent themselves without spending thousands of dollars on attorneys, our service would be free.

But alas the world is not perfect, and even though our attorneys are retired, or semi-retired, we still have those pesky things, like mortgages, groceries, etc. that require payment. So we do have to charge, and we do so at an hourly rate of $95.00. But to be fair, in considering this rate, please keep in mind that:

  •  Our hourly rate is about what most law firms charge for paralegals or assistants.
  • For this “paralegal” rate you are getting the advice of attorneys with between twenty and forty years of experience.
  • You pay only for what you ask for.
    • When an attorney represents you, they handle the case completely and you are charged for everything.
    • Be Your Own Lawyer does only what you ask us to and that is all you pay for. You get to pick and choose!

Remember it costs nothing and there is no obligation to let  us take a look at your case!