If you are involved in a court case, or want help with any legal matters, we offer direct, personalized one on one help. We provide this help by assigning you one of our attorneys, who will work directly with you and among other things can:

  • Provide a complete assessment of your case at no cost.
  • Help you plan how to handle the case, whether you are plaintiff or defendant.
  • Help you understand and prepare court papers.
  • Do all the legal research required to help you understand the law in your case.
  • Respond to motions, including writing legal briefs.
  • Help you uunderstand and then engage in the discovery process.
  • Help you get ready to actually go to court.

If you need help with other matters, not involving court, among other things, we can:

  • Help you set up a corporation or limited liability company.
  • Prepare or reviews contracts.
  • Help you prepare an estate plan, including all relevant documents.
  • Help you protect your assets if trouble looms for you.

To get more information about all the things we can do for you, just go to our contact page and complete the form. Someone will contact you as soon as possible.