What did you expect? We’re a bunch of lawyers – we have to have agreements.

In all seriousness, we provide you a service and the benefit of our professional expertise. It is important that everyone be clear  - both as to what we will do for you as well as what we will not or cannot do.

First, you agree that the services we are providing you are limited to information. We are not,  will not and cannot be your attorney(s). You agree that if you are asked about our role you will make this clear. That you have sought and received information but you are not represented by anyone at Be Your Own Lawyer.

Second you acknowledge that we have made it clear that although everyone that works with Be Your Own Lawyer is an attorney, they may no longer actively practice law, their licenses to practice law may have become inactive, and in any event they are probably not licensed in the jurisdiction in which you reside or in which legal matters that you seek information regarding arise.

Third, you acknowledge that we make no warranty or promise as to the outcome of any matter in which we provide you information. It should be obvious that we can’t guarantee outcomes, but we need to say it just to make sure there is no misunderstanding.

Fourth with respect to information we provide you, we represent only that it is produced as the result of research by individuals who have actively practiced law in one or more jurisdictions in the U.S. as licensed attorneys. We like to think that we have a lot of expertise, gained over the years, but obviously, we can’t guarantee that we’re extra smart, or even infallible. We conduct research for you using available computerized legal research resources to which we subscribe, but again, cannot guarantee the accuracy of those sources.

Fifth, you agree that before you use our services or request information, you have or will have read all of the documents found in the Important Information section of our website, specifically”

-                  This agreement

-                  The Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

-                  The Anonymity Statement


Sixth, you agree that the information we provide you is provided for your benefit. You will not repost it on the internet or otherwise publish it We’re not being greedy or picky here. The research services that we use copyright their material, so we have to be sure it doesn’t get used improperly.