That’s right. For a number of reasons, which we explain below, we have decided that both your best interests as well as ours are better served by our lawyers remaining anonymous.

The names associated with our lawyers online are not real. They are there for convenience and for you to be able to discuss issues with a specific person.

We are not trying to fool or deceive anyone. We tell you this up front so that if it is a problem for you – if you are not comfortable dealing with someone without knowing their actual identity, you won’t waste your time, and can move on to find help elsewhere!!!

Now the Why’s!

Why the apparent deviousness? Our decision to remain anonymous comes after hours of debate and weighing the pros and cons. We are painfully aware that most people, especially when it comes to important legal matters, want to know who they are dealing with. At the same time, there are other considerations. After batting things back and forth, we decided that we would remain anonymous. Here's why:


What we do is not favored.

There is no way to be nice or kind about it. The established legal community does not like what we do.

The legal establishment in the United States is not set up to protect you - it's set up to protect itself! 

Through statutes concerning the unauthorized practice of law, laws passed by lawyers for lawyers, the legal establishment makes it virtually impossible for you to find meaningful information on how to represent yourself.

While these laws purport to be for your benefit - to protect you - their actual purpose is to preserve the absolute monopoly that the legal profession has wielded over legal information of any kind.

Think about it. Do you really need protecting from us?

We are very upfront about what we are and what we are not, and you are not stupid! We have made it clear and you understand that we are not licensed attorneys in any particular state. We make it clear that we will not be your lawyers and will provide no representation. None of that is confusing or devious. You should be entitled to make an intelligent and conscious decision to accept information from us or not!

The legal establishment deprives you of the right to make that decision, not because you need protecting, but because being able to represent yourself costs lawyers money.

We Advocate Guerilla Law

A lot of advice that we give people is frowned up as “unethical” or “improper” by the powers that be.

For example, in the realm of asset protection we make no bones about it. We will tell you how to hide your stuff, where judgment creditors can’t find it or touch it and judgments can't be enforced.

Courts don’t like that. It challenges the concept of their authority. If a judge orders you by way of a judgment to pay a creditor, it is taken as an affront and an insult if you figure out a way to avoid paying or losing your property.

The fact that the wealthy have engaged in asset protection on an ongoing basis is of no consequence. When the average guy tries to protect what he has, it’s “improper “ and “unethical”.

Our interest is in helping you. We could care less what the rest of the “establishment” likes or dislikes.

We can give you information and help you take steps that practicing attorneys would be reluctant to mention for fear of unpleasant consequences. Yes, that's right. Attorneys have been held liable and disciplined for helping their clients protect assets. We're not worried about that. You'll get advice from us that no practicing attorney could give you.

We teach you how to use the system to your advantage. If an attorney licensed in a jurisdiction was caught suggesting that you jerk the other side around by the way timing of motions (this is one of our dirty tricks in Guerilla Law), they would be in deep trouble. At Be Your Own Lawyer, we don't care. We're here to do everything we can to stack the deck in your favor!! Being anonymous helps us accomplish this.


The Attorney-Client Privilege is Eroding

There was a time when what you said to your attorney was private. Period! No “ifs”, “ands” or “buts”! Over the years that has changed and the legal establishment has carved out a lot exceptions, to the attorney client privilege.

The result is that when you discuss matters with an attorney in the United States today, you have no way of knowing whether or not he or she may be required at some point in the future to disclose what you have said, or what they know about your affairs.

Since the privilege is not securely defined, it might as well not be there at all - it becomes useless. You may not believe it – after all we all watch TV and lawyer shows – but it’s true.  How many times have you heard a “lawyer” tell the client that whatever is said is private and confidential?

If you believe that we’ve got a great bridge in Brooklyn that you might be interested in buying!!

Here’s an example! Let’s go back to the asset protection scenario. You’ve been sued and lost. You have a huge judgment against you that the bad guys are trying to collect. But you were smart. Years ago, with the help of your lawyer you moved most of your money offshore where orders and judgments from U.S. courts routinely end up in the trash. You think you’re assets are safe. Wrong! Under the ongoing fraud exception your lawyer must disclose anything he knows about this offshore bank account. This is a dirty secret about the American legal system that most people don’t know about.

At Be Your Own Lawyer, because we remain anonymous, because we do not reside in the U.S. and are not subject to jurisdiction of U.S. courts. We can provide what a traditional lawyer cannot –complete and unconditional confidentiality!

We do not use U.S. web hosting servers. Our emails are not stored on U.S. servers. As a result, no U.S. subpoena or Court Order will result in the release or production by us of your private data.

So, all things considered, we’ve decided that it is better for you and for us, that we remain unnamed. We are not trying to cheat or defraud you. This is not a scam. We are who we say we are – older, experienced attorneys who can help  you represent yourself. But at the same time, we choose not to expose ourselves to the inevitable harassment from those who look upon what we do with disdain and disfavor.

And as has already been said, if this arrangement causes you concern, we understand and wish you the best in your search for legal assistance and information help!!!!