In order for you to make intelligent decisions about representing yourself and about using our services, it is important that you understand not only what we can do for you, but what we can't. 

We can provide you with unlimited legal research and information. We use and subscribe to the same electronic legal research tools as 99% of law fims in the United States. We can access every state or federal statute, any reported court decision and the published rules of federal and state courts. This is information that is simply not available without such access and it is critical if you are going to represent yourself.

We can help you with court papers. There is very little that you will receive in a court case that does not have some signifcance. Some papers have traps buried in them that unless you are aware of, can lose a case, or give up a substantial advantage. What court papers mean, what is required of you in response, and what options you may have regarding them are all critical issues that we can help you with.

We can help you know when to create your own papers, and even help you prepare them.

We can help you with the discovery process where information is exchanged during a lawsuit. We can show you how to respond to requests for informaion and how to send your own.

We can help you with all the procedures that go with a civil case. These are containd in a myriad of rules and orders that can be very difficult to find, but knowledge of which is critical.

We are there for you whenever you have a question or something comes up.

In short we can provide the information and resources that you need, and that you may not be able to find anywhere else. 


But understand, there are things that we cannot do.


We help you with everything that you need to Be Your Own Lawyer but we cannot be your attorneys.

That means:

We can't appear in any court for you.

We can't sign any papers for you.

We can't communicate with any attorney or with any court on your behalf.

In short we will not do the things typically associated with legal representation, for that is not what we are here to do.