We understand that in exchanging information with us, privacy is a major concern.

Most legal matters are highly personal and confidential

At be Your Own Lawyer we understand that. We actually believe that we offer you more privacy and confidentiality than any practicing attorney could provide.

Here's why:

- In the United States the attorney-client privilege is being seriously eroded. In many cases, there are so many exceptions that it is more of a myth than a reality.

- None of us reside in the United States and are thus not subject to subpoena in any court in the United States.

- None of our records are located in or stored on computers or servers located within the United States, and our records are therefore not subject to subpoena there. If they arrive, they go in the trash!

- We will never sell or distribute any information about or concerning you. We are in the business of helping people represent themselves, not selling mailing lists. We do not share any information with anyone!

- We retain anything that you send us only so long as needed to provide you with assistance. When we have finished work for you, and you agree, we securely delete any of your materials or information pertaining to you. Unlike practicing attorneys we are not required, and therefore do not keep copies of records for years and years.

- We maintain no paper or hard copy files of any kind anywhere. Everything is limited to electronic files that can be securely deleted.

- Emails to and from you are copied to the encrypted electronic file we maintain for you. They are never simply left on email servers to be harvested later by nosy people.

We believe that everyone is entitled to privacy and confidentiality. At Be Your Own Lawyer, we do our best to protect yours.