Be Your Own Lawyer


Have you ever tried to get information about legal matters? Have you ever been involved in a court case and tried to get help?

Everybody tells you that you can represent yourself, but nobody wants to tell you how.

This colossal Catch-22 is one of the reasons Be Your Own Lawyer was created. Now we’ve put together much of the information that you will need in book form.

Be Your Own Lawyer, The Book gives you, in just over three hundred pages, a wealth of information on how the legal system works, and how to go about representing yourself. From planning a case to drafting court papers, to participating in discovery, and handling motions, it all there, in easy to read, non-legalese language.

There simply is no other place where you can get so much information at such a low price!

This is an ebook in pdf format. If you would like to receive a copy in a different format such as epub or kindle, just let us know and we’ll be happy to convert a copy for you.