How to Get Rid of Your Timeshare


Finally a way to get rid of a timeshare that will work.



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Because you’re stuck with a timeshare that you don’t want.

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It won’t sell

You’re tired of all the timeshare exit scams where you can quickly lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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Go after your timeshare company yourself.

Be Your Own Lawyer shows you how.

Be Your Own Lawyer has put together a package that will show you and guide you step by step how to plan, prepare and move forward with a lawsuit against a timeshare company.

Our package includes everything you need, including:

Ebook and Video on how to plan your lawsuit

Ebook and video on drafting your complaint

Ebook on jurisdiction

Ebook on causes of action

A sample complaint that will help you in preparing your own


All of this, everything you need, is included in our package for and unbeatable introductory price of $89.95