Be Your Own Lawyer was started in 2012 for one purpose and one purpose only – to help people represent themselves in court or to handle their own legal matters. Everyone will tell you that you have the right to represent yourself in court, or to handle your own legal problems, but they won’t give you any real help.

That’s the great Catch-22.

Yes, you can do it, but we won’t tell you how. The legal profession rabidly protects its absolute monopoly an anything to do with the law. The most powerful tool they have to keep people in the dark is to strictly control who can and who cannot give legal advice or help.

The result?

If you go to employees in the courthouse to ask for help, you’ll be told that they are not allowed to give legal advice, and to consult an attorney.

If you try to ask a judge, you’ll get the same answer.

Ask a lawyer and unless you retain them to represent you, they will tell you that they don’t give free legal advice.

Getting information and help has been pretty much hopeless.

Until Now!

Be Your Own Lawyer is group of retired or semi-retired lawyers who recognized the problems facing people that want to represent themselves. We are here to help guide you by giving you information that no one else will. By providing different levels of help – one on one assistance, our videos, or our book, we can give you the help and information that you need to represent yourself in court, or with any other legal issues you may have.