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Welcome to Be Your Own Lawyer Bog!

What we hope here is to provide you with some thoughts and insights on legal matters in general, talk about the pros and cons of representing yourself in legal matters, and because life is drab without a little fun, take a few pokes now and then at the legal system as it exists in America today.
Since this is the first post to the blog, let us introduce ourselves.
We’re three semi-retired lawyers from different parts of the country, who have found ourselves in Central and South America. We say semi-retired because we failed miserably at retirement! None of us are in active practice any longer, but all of enjoy the law and enjoy sharing collective hundred years or so of legal experience. Our website is What we offer is full legal research and support for people that want to handle their own legal matters. Our services are offered on sort of a menu basis – everything from answering simple questions to helping someone put together a complete case for trial in court.
Before you ask, no we don’t do it for free. Social security doesn’t go as far as it used to, we like a little more varied diet than rice and beans, and even down here, cervaza  is not as cheap as it used to be. What we do promise though is that what we charge will be a fraction of what you would pay to get a lawyer to do the same things that we can help you do.
One thing we think it’s important for people to understand is that even though are all lawyers, we will not be your lawyers. You’ll see this mentioned on our website, and we’ll be repeating it in future posts here. Another thing that you need to understand is that we in all probability are not licensed to practice law in your neighborhood. So even if we wanted to, we couldn’t represent you. Throughout everything you read on our website, in our publications and here, please don’t lose fact of this. We like to think we’re not all that stupid, and we’ve sure been around the block a few times, but we’re not practicing or as a practical matter, licensed attorneys.

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