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Why I Wrote this Book

Every day thousands of people just like you find themselves embroiled in a court case without the help of a lawyer.  

They don’t know how the system works.

They are not familiar with the law that applies to their case.

They’re unfamiliar with court procedures.

They don’t understand the rules.

It seems that whenever they try to move forward they run into obstacles. They become frustrated and angry. They try desperately to figure out how to navigate the mysteries of the legal system. And they run right into a brick wall!!!

Everybody Will Tell You That you Can represent yourself!


Nobody will Tell You How!!

When you ask court employees you are met with “We’re not allowed to give legal advice”.

When you ask the judge what you should do, it’s “You should consult with a lawyer, I cannot tell you what to do”.

When you speak with a lawyer the response is “I can only give legal advice to clients”.

It's the Catch-22 of the Legal System

And that is why I wrote this book!!   

To get you past the Catch-22!

To help you navigate the legal system.

To help you understand how a court case works.

To show you how to take control of your case and win!

The difference between knowing what’s going on and staying confused is the difference between winning and losing!

Take a Look!!

In Be Your Own Lawyer You Will Learn:

For just $19.95 learn all this and more!

Before You Read This Book

After You Read This Book

You file a lawsuit and the other side does not even answer, instead filing a motion to dismiss. You have no idea what the motion means or what you should do!

You file a lawsuit and there is no motion to dismiss because you have researched your case and your complaint is properly prepared. Your lawsuit goes on.

You are served with a summons and complaint. Someone is suing you and you have 21 days to respond. You have no idea how to do that.

You receive the summons and complaint. You take your time. You realize that there are problems with the complaint so instead of answering right away you file a motion to dismiss. The other side, instead of seeing their lawsuit move forward is scrambling to keep it from being thrown out.

You are served with interrogatories or requests for production but have no idea how to answer them.

You know what discovery requests are, which ones to answer and which ones to object to, and how to do it. The interrogatories and requests you have received are way too broad and irrelevant, but instead of just ignoring them, you understand how to file a motion for a protective order.

You receive a motion for summary judgment. You don’t know what it means or how to respond to it. You assume that you will just go to court and argue to the judge that the motion should not be granted. Failing to respond to the motion results in you losing your case – without ever setting foot in front of the judge.

You know exactly what a motion for summary judgment is and you respond to it with a well prepared memorandum of law. Summary judgment denied and your case is alive and well.

My Guarantee to You

We are absolutely certain that this book will benefit anyone representing themselves in court. We are so sure of it that if, within thirty days of purchase, you sincerely do not believe that this book will help you, we will refund your purchase price and of course, you can keep the book!

Guarantee - Terms and How toClaim

If you sincerely believe that this book does not help you represent yourself, or does not provide you a benefit worth at least the purchase price, just send an email, from the same email that you used to purchase the book to:

info@beyourownlawyer.org, subject “Refund”. We will refund your purchase price by crediting the credit/debit card used to purchase the book.

Our Guarantee applies to the downloaded PDF version only. To claim a refund for a purchase through Amazon you must contact Amazon.