Information About Be Your Own Lawyer

Of course there is important information that you need to know about who we are and what we do. If you are contemplating using our services, we strongly urge you to read the information listed.

It concerns all sorts of things such as how we can provide you privacy, what we can and cannot do, what you agree to when you use our services and why we set ourselves up the way that we have.

We know it's boring.

We know that you'd rather not be bothered.

Understood. It's up to you, but please know that if you at least glance over this information it may avoid some issues and it may make your life a lot easier if you understand how things are laid out ahead of time. The following pages explain things in a little more detail - just click the links to learn more:

Agreement - What You Agree To When You Use Our Services

Privacy - What We Do With Information You Share With Us And How We Protect It

What We Can and Cannot Do For You