Empowering You to Represent Yourself

Slide Be Your Own Lawyer Get the Help You Need from Empowering You to Represent Yourself! Are You Representing Yourself in Court? Or Even Thinking About It?

We provide you with EVERYTHING you need to represent yourself.


You read correctly! There is no other website, blog, or any other resource that provides you with the kind of help and support that is provided by

Be Your Own Lawyer

Not only do we help you directly but our book, Be Your Own Lawyer, is also available. Everything you must know to represent yourself in easy to understand language.

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Everything that we provide at Be your Own Lawyer is by lawyers with years of experience in and out of court. They will explain not only what you have to do, and when you have to do it, but how and why! The only way to successfully represent yourself is to know everything about your case.

Here are a few of the things our lawyers can do for you:

  • Research all of the law that pertains to your case.
  • Gather together all of the court rules and procedures for your court.
  • Help you prepare legal papers, showing you how to do it correctly and effectively.
  • Help you with the case by explaining what things mean as they occur and how to respond.
  • Answering your questions as they arise so that you’re never in the dark.

If you are representing yourself in court, you will need some help!

Be Your Own Lawyer can help you with every aspect of your case!

Why You Need Help Representing Yourself

The law provides that you are allowed to represent yourself in court right? And aren’t you just as smart as the next person? And aren’t you representing yourself to save attorney’s fees. So why should you have pay someone else to help you?

All good questions, but consider:

You have to know the rules!

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, State Rules, Specific Court Rules, Rules of Evidence…..

The legal system is an intricate theater and it’s all orchestrated by rules. 

While knowing the rules may not guarantee that you’ll win your case, not knowing them will virtually guarantee that you will lose!

Where do you find the rules? How to you figure out which ones apply to you? How do you know how the courts interpret the rules?

Be Your Own Lawyer will help you understand and navigate your way through what may seem to be a hopelessly confusing challenge.

You have to know the law!

You can’t win your case if you don’t know the law – ALL of it – that applies to your case.

You need know things like:

  • what goes into a complaint?
  • what is a summary judgment motion?
  • do you answer a complaint or file a motion?
  • how do you take a deposition?
  • what are interrogatories?
  • how do you file a counterclaim?


There is no single easy source to find the answers to these and hundreds of other questions. 

Be Your Own lawyer can do the research for you and show you how by applying the right law, you can win your case!!

Lookout for the Catch-22

As if learning all these things wasn’t difficult enough, you will find yourself confronted by the


Everyone tells to that you can represent yourself, but, no one will tell you how!

If you ask for help at the courthouse, you will be told that they cannot provide legal advice.

Lawyers will not help you. They want to get paid to represent you and will not provide legal advice unless you are a client.

If you ask a judge, you’ll be told to go lookup the law.

But now you have Be Your Own Lawyer. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to represent yourself!

We know that Representing yourself is not easy.

We know that there are plenty of scams and gimmicks out there.

We know that you should be cautious.


That's why Be Your Own Lawyer offers a free case assessment.

No Scams! No Gimmicks! No Strings! 100% Free!

Here's How it Works:

  • You tell us about your case
  • You send us copies of any documents such as court papers, contracts or other papers.
  • One of our lawyers will go through the case with you, perhaps asking questions, perhaps asking for other documents.
  • You will receive a FREE written report that will includes recommendations and information on next steps.

Once the assessment is completed, you may:

  • Tell us thank you but no thanks. We will destroy any information from you and all communication with you. 
  • Decide that you would like Be Your Own Lawyer to help you with your case. You will tell us what you would like us to do. Before proceeding we will quote a fee and then proceed only if you agree.

We really have tried to make getting help from Be Your Own Lawyer as safe and simple as possible. If you would like an assessment of your case, just click on the button below, or go to our contact page. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible but usually within twenty-four hours. We’re here to help you!!

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