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How Can I find a Form to…….?

How often have you seen a post that starts like this on some social media forum? People trying to find a some kind of fill in the blank form to accomplish something in a case they are involved in. The answer is “You can’t!” One of the most common misconceptions

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More Rules

By: Robert Murdoch In the last post we discussed where to find the rules and pointed out that while the language of a particular rule

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There Are Better Ways

If you believe me that there are better ways to plan your estate than simply with a will, the obvious question is, ok, so what

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The Problems with Wills

Given that so many people equate the concept of estate planning with a will, it’s really kind of surprising how many problems wills really create.

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The Fallacy of Wills

Did you know that a will, aka Last Will and Testament is actually a terrible way to dispose of your estate? That’s right. You read

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